Публичный договор-оферта
THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made between Anna Buldakova, a sole trader registered in the United Kingdom, ("Provider"), and the individual or entity ("User") who purchases access to the online course entitled "Product leaders" ("Course").

1.1. The Course is scheduled to take place from June 4th, 2024, to July 9th, 2024.
1.2. Details of Course access and participation are outlined in the User's selected tier offering which can be found on https://leaders.nfng.pro/

2.1. The User agrees to purchase access to the Course via the designated platform.
2.2. Access to the Course may be denied if a User does not meet the application criteria, specifically, Users applying for the "Dwight" and "Michael" tiers must have at least one report.
2.3. If the User is dissatisfied with the Course, they may request a refund within one week after the Course start date.

3.1. In the event the User cannot join in-person webinars due to personal reasons, the User assumes full responsibility and no refund or compensation will be provided.
3.2. If a technical issue on the Provider's side prevents a User from joining a webinar, the webinar will be rescheduled.

5.1. The Provider reserves the right to remove a User from the Course without refund if the User exhibits aggressive, harassing behavior, spam, or any other conduct deemed inappropriate.

6.1. The User acknowledges that the Course materials constitute the intellectual property of the Provider and agrees not to distribute such materials.
6.2. Any unauthorized use or distribution of the Course materials may result in legal action.

7.1. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England.

By purchasing access to the Course, the User signifies their acceptance of these Terms of Service. If the User does not agree to these Terms of Service, they must not purchase or use access to the Course.